Meet the Team

At Kallisti Biotech we know that you are looking for the very best care for your animal, especially if they are really in need. We founded Kallisti Biotech to provide you with high quality ethically sourced veterinary products that make a difference to animals' lives. We educate veterinarians about bone health support for their patients and provide life changing, bone and joint supplements to dogs in need across Europe. If you have a dog who could benefit from additional skeletal support we are here to help. Please contact us, we put our customers first every step of the way.


Monika Erlandsson DVM - Medical Advisor

Monika studied at the Agricultural University of Sweden in Uppsala and qualified as a veterinarian in 2009. Today she is a product manager for veterinary medicine diagnostics at Triolab AB and is responsible for information on the board for the Swedish Small Animal Veterinary Association (SSAVA). Monika has previously worked as a pharmaceutical consultant for Merial with a focus on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for bones and joints for both dogs and horses. Her clinical career began in 1999 and she has worked as a veterinarian and veterinary nurse at Kalmar veterinary hospital, Läckeby veterinary hospital and Skogsby Clinic. Monika’s enthusiasm for dogs is unstoppable. She also has experience as a competition vet for racing dogs and is involved with animal welfare projects including Vets without Boarders (VSF). Monika lives in Stockholm with her family and two whippets.

Donna Russell - UK Regional Director.

Donna is an all-round animal lover with hands on experience caring for small animals from early employment at a boarding cattery and kennels. She later moved to an award winning Safari Park where she supported the Animal Collection Manager in sourcing new blood lines for conservation breeding programmes for endangered animals and working closely with environmental enrichment programmes. As well as caring for her own pets over the years, ranging from budgies, dumbo rats, cats, rabbits and dogs, Donna is also a Trustee of the Home Counties Boxer Welfare charity, Secretary to the Kennel Club approved Rottweiler Club and a voluntary supporter of the MK Dog Squad a local organisation helping reunite owners with their lost dogs. Donna continues her passion in bringing health and wellness awareness to the dog world in her role supporting the product sales in the UK market. Donna lives in Milton Keynes, England with her family and Boxer dog, Marmite.

Katharina Stenke DVM - Medical Advisor 

Katharina completed her training at the Agricultural University of Sweden in Uppsala and qualified as a certified veterinarian in 2010. Prior to this she worked as a small animals veterinary nurse. Today Katarina works mostly with dogs, cats and other small animals, and has worked for both smaller veterinary practices and larger animal hospitals such as the University Veterinary Hospital (UDS), Kalmar Animal Hospital as well as Doctrivet, Small Animal Veterinary Practice in Sweden. Her interest in animals’ movement and rehabilitation started early on and in 2002 she trained to be a dog massage therapist. As a veterinarian Katharina believes that it is important to take a holistic approach, especially when treating movement problems and/or pain, it’s important to make use of the resources available including veterinary medicine, nutrition, nutritional supplements and rehabilitation, tailoring them to the needs of the individual. Katharina lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her family and two Miniature Schnauzers.

Annika Sahl

Annika Sahl

Annika has recently retired but during her career she worked with the guide dog section of Sweden's National Association for the Visually Impaired. She has also worked with administration at Nacka Animal Clinic in Sweden and has been Deputy Secretary on the board of the Swedish Golden Retriever Club since 2007. Annika grew up with poodles, but is now fully focused on her Golden Retrievers. She has had Golden Retrievers since 1987, and has even worked as a breeder. She has four dogs which her and her husband have trained as gun dogs and now participate in field trials and in waterfowl hunts together. Annika loves to see her dogs enjoying the activities they were born for. Annika lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her family and her four Golden Retrievers.


Want to work with us? We're always on the look out for individuals who share our values and are interested in being involved. If you're passionate about dogs and skeletal health we'd love to hear from you! 

Want to know more about the background behind the product? Visit our suppliers page to find out more about the suppliers who produce NEO-K9®. Or, if you're a vet, you'll find some extra information on our veterinary pages

Our Values

We love seeing the change that a healthy lifestyle and the right nutritional support can bring, not just for you, but for your dog too.

We are experts in canine skeletal health and are the main European distributor of NEO-K9, a natural, clinically proven bone and joint supplement for dogs.

We work ONLY with clinically proven supplements for dogs and with support from leading veterinarians and canine orthopaedic surgeons.

Our values:
  • Animals before profits. We are a business, but we will never excessively inflate prices to make a profit. We charge what we need to in order to remain financially viable as a company, and where possible we give back to help animals in need.
  • Truth and transparency are a top priority. We will always be open and honest with our customers and partners.
  • Science speaks louder than words. The products we work with are always backed by science.
  • We care, about animals, people, and the environment.  

We're always here for you both, so that you and your dog can keep playing day, after day, after day!