Human Bone & Joint Support

Lactoferrin LF Gold 1.8® : The Gold Standard In Purity


Each tablet

Lactoferrin Gold 1.8® is the first multi-patented, ultra pure and bio-functional lactoferrin nutritional supplement on the market. Only the lactoferrin in Lactoferrin Gold 1.8® has undergone a patented purification process, called the Treatment for Contaminant Reduction (TCR) process, resulting in a protein that is of the highest quality for optimal results.  This powerful formula contains an ideal daily serving of ultra pure lactose-free lactoferrin, inulin, lecithin, turmeric, and Vitamin C.

Health Benefits of Lactoferrin Gold 1.8*

  • Reinforces Innate Immune Response*
  • Supports Healthy Digestive System*
  • Provides Potent Prebiotic Activity*
  • Delivers Powerful Antioxidant Effect*
  • Naturally restores the balance of good* bacteria in your digestive tract* 




OsteoDenx® is a unique first-in-class product based on decades of clinical research, supported by 4 US Patents with data published in peer-reviewed medical journals. In an IRB-approved clinical study, human volunteers supplemented with the active complex of OsteoDenx® for 6 months, have experienced significant increase in bone formation, optimization in bone resorption and improvement in joint cartilage condition as measured by specific bone turnover and metabolic markers.

Ribonuclease-enriched Lactoferrin (R-ELF), the core of OsteoDenx®, is a clinically-proven patent- protected, multi-functional protein complex. This bone replenishment formula contains a synergistic blend of R-ELF, Collagen hydrolysate, bone-specific vitamins (D3, K1 & Folate), bone minerals (Copper, Manganese & Selenium), Boswellia and Resveratrol to provide a comprehensive bone and joint support.

OsteoDenx® promotes healthy bone turnover (metabolism): Our patented R-ELF technology in the formula supports both aspects of bone turnover. It promotes formation of healthy bone tissue, as well as helps optimize healthy bone resorption (mineral withdrawal).

OsteoDenx® helps in the bio-availability of bone-specific nutrients: R-ELF complex in the formula contains a synergistic combination of milk lactoferrin (LF) and milk ribonuclease (RNase) to support bone nutrient absorption and transport. LF is body’s own transport protein molecule with several receptors in the intestinal tract. Bicarbonate anion is an essential co-factor to optimize the mineral binding/transport ability of LF. Accordingly, OsteoDenx® is formulated to promote bone elemental transport across the intestinal barrier.

Formation and maintenance of healthy vascular system: Blood capillaries are critical for the transport of bone-specific nutrients through circulation. RNases are our body’s own angiogenic factors; whereas, vitamin K & Resveratrol are bioactive synergists that help optimize vascular health. OsteoDenx® is formulated to support bone nutrient transport through the circulatory route.

OsteoDenx® helps in the maintenance of healthy joints: Steady-state synthesis of collagen (protein) is critical for joints and ligaments. OsteoDenx® formula has Collagen hydrolysate (from fish source) and Manganese to help promote healthy cartilage to lubricate as well as cushion the joints. It also contains Boswellia plant extract to help maintain joint health.

OsteoDenx® helps protect bone-joint tissue from oxidative damage: Bone turnover is an energy-intensive metabolic process that could generate tissue damaging oxidative free radicals. Our formula contains antioxidant synergists such as LF, RNase, Resveratrol, Copper and Selenium, which collectively help protect bone tissue against free radical damage (Oxidative Stress).



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