Veterinary recommended

nutritional support for your dog's bones & joints

A 360 degree approach to canine skeletal health

Many of us invest in joint supplements for our dogs when they start to show signs of ageing, joint stiffness or pain, but we often forget about supporting the bones in between.

The truth is, that beyond prescribing a healthy, balanced diet and the right amount of exercise, there hasn't been much available designed to support healthy bones and keep our dogs' skeletal systems strong from head to toe. 

Keeping our dogs happy and moving freely can be as much about taking care of their bone health, as it is about taking care of their joints. It's common sense really. 

That's why we recommend NEO-K9, to support our best friends' bones and their joints. 

NEO-K9 Maintenance Formula

For everyday support.
The formula supports strong bones and healthy joints in dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

◦  R-ELF, lactose-free milk protein based bone and joint supplement
◦  Supports healthy bone turnover 
◦  Helps joint comfort and mobility
◦  Keeps cartilage and connective tissue healthy and strong 
◦  Nose to tail - natural, clinically proven support for their entire skeletal system

NEO-K9 Clinical Formula

This formula contains double the quantity of the same active ingredients as NEO-K9 Maintenance Formula

◦  For dogs with advanced needs.
◦  For dogs receiving veterinary care
◦  Recommended by veterinary orthopaedic surgeons
◦  Provides twice the support of NEO-K9 Maintenance Formula
◦  Available from your veterinarian

Why try NEO-K9 for 90 days?

NEO-K9 is a natural supplement which increases the beneficial nutrients in your dogs body, making it easier for your dog's skeletal system to look after itself naturally. 

Although some dogs feel the benefits in as little as two to three weeks, it is important to remember that this is not a medicine and results may take time. Our vets recommend trying NEO-K9 for a full 90 days to ensure your dog is getting the complete benefit. 

Not sure about 90 days? You can also buy NEO-K9 in single bottles. 

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8 reasons to take care of your dog’s bones

Your dog’s skeletal system is made up of bones and connective tissues including tendons, ligaments and cartilage. When most people think about their dog’s bones and joints, they think about how they provide structure and help movement. These are two of the most prominent functions, but the skeletal system does so much more!

Neo Portin Complex

Bones are a mineral bank where important minerals are constantly deposited and withdrawn keeping the body alive and functioning.

Neo Portin Complex

Bones are a blood factory. They produce red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body, and white blood cells that fight infectious diseases.

Neo Portin Complex

Bones are like armour, they surround important organs including the heart, lungs and brain protecting them from injuries.

Neo Portin Complex

Bones help the body maintain the right pH (acid-alkali) balance by absorbing and releasing mineral salts as the body’s pH balance changes.

Neo Portin Complex

Bones are like a filter that removes toxic chemicals and heavy metal from the blood so they don’t cause harm to the body.

Neo Portin Complex

Three small bones in the ear help make hearing possible and help the brain to detect the direction, volume and pitch of sounds.

Neo Portin Complex

Bones are connected to muscles through tendons ligaments and cartilage, they all work together for your dog to run, or jump, or catch a ball.

Neo Portin Complex

Bones are the framework that gives your dog their individual size and shape.

Neo Portin Complex

Multiple benefits

The Maintenance Formula supports joint flexibility, mobility and naturally promotes the formation of healthy bone tissue. Because it targets both bones and joints it is a great alternative to glucosamine and MSM based joint supplements. It can be given to dogs of any size, age and breed to help them move and strengthen their bones and joints.

Neo Portin Complex

Patented complex

NEO-K9® is an all natural supplement based on patented Neo-PORTIN Complex®. It works with the other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in NEO-K9® by delivering nutrients to your dog’s bones and joints, each nutrient plays a role in regulating bone and joint tissue and keeping your dogs skeleton flexible and strong.

Neo Portin Complex

Simple to use

All the dog’s we have asked love the natural liver and sausage flavour of the chewable NEO-K9® tablets. Just one to three tablets each day is all that is needed to provide on-going support for your dog’s joints and bones. Each bottle contains 90 tablets and will last for between thirty to ninety days depending on your dog’s size.

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Take a thorough approach to avoid bone discomfort

None of us like to see our animals suffering from pain or discomfort. As a vet I'm able to see how some basic changes in nutrition and exercise can help dogs feel more comfortable and stay active or become more active again.

Monika Erlandsson DVM, Kallisti Biotech - Medical Advisor, Stockholm, Sweden

Expert support for your dog's skeletal health.

Meet the Kallisti Biotech team

Monika Erlandsson - Kallisti Biotech

Monika Erlandsson DVM
Medical Advisor

Monika lives in Stockholm with her family and two whippets. She has been a certified veterinarian since 2009. Monika is a member of the board for the Swedish Small Animal Veterinary Association (SSAVA), has worked as a pharmaceutical consultant and works with veterinary medicin diagnostics company Triolab AB. Monika’s enthusiasm for dogs is unstoppable. She also has experience as a competition vet for racing dogs and is involved with animal welfare projects including Vets without Boarders (VSF).

Katharina Stenke - Kallisti Biotech

Katharina Stenke DVM
Medical Advisor

Katharina lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her family and two Miniature Schnauzers. Certified Veterinarian since 2010. Katarina mostly works with small animals. Katharina believes that it is important to take a holistic when treating movement problems and/or pain, it’s important to make use of the resources available including nutritional supplements and rehabilitation, tailoring them to the needs of the individual.

Donna Russell Kallisti Biotech

Donna Russell
UK Regional Director

Donna lives in Milton Keynes, England with her family and Boxer dog, Marmite. Donna is an all-round animal lover with hands on experience caring for small animals since the start of her career. Donna is a Trustee of the Home Counties Boxer Welfare charity, Secretary to the Kennel Club approved Rottweiler Club and a voluntary supporter of the MK Dog Squad a local organisation helping reunite owners with their lost dogs.

Annika Sahl - Kallisti Biotech

Annika Sahl
Administrative Support

Annika lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her family and her four Golden Retrievers. Annika has recently retired but during her career she worked with the guide dog section of Sweden's National Association for the Visually Impaired and has been Deputy Secretary on the board of the Swedish Golden Retriever Club since 2007. She has had Golden Retrievers since 1987. Annika loves to see her dogs enjoying the activities they were born for.

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Want to learn more about NEO-K9? Visit the NEO-K9 page for the details of what's inside and some of the science behind the product.

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