OsteoDenx® - for dog owners

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Bio-Replenshiment® for Bone & Joint Health

OsteoDenx® is a unique first-in-class product based on decades of clinical research, supported by 4 US Patents with data published in peer-reviewed medical journals. In an IRB-approved clinical study, human volunteers supplemented with the active complex of OsteoDenx® for 6 months, have experienced significant increase in bone formation, optimization in bone resorption and improvement in joint cartilage condition as measured by specific bone turnover and metabolic markers.

The core of OsteoDenx®, is a clinically-proven patent- protected, multi-functional protein complex. This bone replenishment formula contains a synergistic blend of R-ELF (Ribonuclease-enriched Lactoferrin), Collagen hydrolysate, bone-specific vitamins (D3, K1 & Folate), bone minerals (Copper, Manganese & Selenium), Boswellia and Resveratrol to provide a comprehensive bone and joint support.

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