Why small dogs need extra bone support

Meet Prinzen, the Chihuahua-Papillon who loves to be treated like royalty 👑

Bone and joint support for small dogs like this Chihuahua-PapillonOur veterinary team are used to seeing injuries in small-boned dogs who've pushed the boundaries a bit far. It's important for owners to make sure they're taking care of their dogs. Making sure they exercise enough so that their muscles stay strong is also a really important way to ensure bones and joints are kept in good working order. Prinzen is happy and healthy but his small bones mean that it's important for him to be careful when jumping from high chairs or playing with bigger dogs. 

On top of exercise, a good diet and making sure these little prices and princesses don't take on things that are too big for them, owners can also give their dogs NEO-K9 to help support their entire skeletal system and keep their bones and joints strong from the inside out.


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