Meet Tommy Permo from Whippet Kennel Per-Mo'bile

Hi Tommy, can you tell me a little about yourself and your background with sighthounds?

Oh, I've been working actively with sighthounds since 1963. There have been Greyhounds, Italian sighthounds and Whippets. Over the years, we have had 50 dogs and bred 500 Whippets.

To me it is important that the dogs run and move. The dogs like to have fun and I love to see them have fun! Me and Tina probably have Scandinavia's oldest active Whippet Kennel that has stayed under the same ownership, Per-Mo'bile kennel has not been inherited or taken over. Tina has always been involved with breeding and exhibiting and is an exhibition judge. It was Tina and I who started Whippetrace 1972 and then Whippesprint about 10 years ago. Whippetsprint includes both racing and the right exterior qualities. Quick and beautiful with the right measurements.

Previously I have been a Greyhound coach at Skarpnäck for 10 years and there I was also a coach for all races for the Swedish Sighthound Club. I was also a veterinary assistant for veterinarian Hans Edlund who had his own reception in Södertälje. By the way, I practiced and competed with Shetlandsponnys for about 20 years.

What is important for your dogs to perform at the top?

That they are in a good basic condition. Exercise and proper nutrition. That's all. I notice better results when they regularly have chicken wings and good dry foods. Six of the older dogs have also received the NEO-K9 Clinical Formula since spring, 2017.

What are the dogs who receive NEO-K9 called?

Sara 12.5 years old, Maja 12 years old, Ginni 11.5 years old, Flipper almost 10 years old, Elsa 9.5 years old, Albin 7.5 years .

How long did it take before you started seeing results and how did you see an improvement?

Other dogs have become more energetic. For Sara, it only took a couple of weeks! She was dragging on walks, but started running forward and began spontaneously jumping up on the table. Ginni has become more excited and keeps up on the longer Gotlands promenades again. Flipper feels much more excited and participated during the Midsummer weekend where he jumped over obstacles without problems. The dog is almost 10 years old and hopes obstacles! Albin 7.5 years who is Flippers son even won the weekend's A-Final.

What are your experiences with the NEO-K9?

I think it works very well and the dogs like it. Elsa is sometimes a little hesitant but takes the tablet 98% of the time. I just put the tablet in my own mouth, to show it's fine.

What do you think is important to know about a product in advance before giving it to your dogs?

I have to know what is in it and it is important that it is recommended by veterinarians. There is so much on the market that is "throwing pearls for pigs". I myself have had problems with my knees so it feels good that it is available on the human side as well.

Would you recommend the product to a friend?

-Yes, I've already done that ... many times. I have recommended it to friends who have oesophageal dogs and it has gone very well for their dogs. So yes, I really would!

"To me it is important that dogs run and move". "I think it works very well and the dogs like it!"

Tommy Permo, Whippet Kennel Per-Mo'bile in Väckelsång, Sweden

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