Meet Kaj

Kaj with his dogs Mimmi, Mixa, Kvick and Mercedes


"I've been interested in dogs for a long time and my family and I have had Golden Retrievers for over twenty five years."

This week we met with Kaj, gun-dog trainer and Golden Retriever lover with years of experience with the dog world. Kaj told us about came into contact with NEO-K9 after his dog Kvick had an accident during a training session, and how things have been since they started using the product. 

Together with his wife Annika, Kaj has trained their dogs as gun dogs, and prior to that worked with obedience training and participated in competitions. 21 years ago Kaj took his hunting exam and since then together with his dogs he has hunted and retrieved birds. Kaj is also a qualified gun dog trainer and runs courses for both beginners and the more experienced. 

Kaj, can you tell us a little bit about your dog Kvick and why you chose to give him NEO-K9?

Kvick is one of my male dogs and he's seven years old. He is a keen Golden Retriever who is really talented and interesting in gun dog work, so we went out and trained a lot. When Kvick was about one year old and we were out training and he was running like normal at quite a fast pace. Unfortunately he stumbled into a ditch and fell really badly. Despite the fall he got up again quite quickly and it didn't look like he'd hurt himself. Within the next year my wife and I realised that he was limping in a strange way and that he wasn't using his back right let when he went up stairs for example, or climbed off something. 

We contacted a number of veterinarians and got a number of different responses. Some thought that it was a sprain that wasn't possible to do anything about. But we weren't sure, and after a number of X-rays it turned out that it was osteoarthritis. To easy the discomfort Kvick was prescribed rest. He underwent a variety of treatments, such as hydrotherapy where he walked in water, swimming, walking on a leash and laser treatment. This took its toll on Kvick, who is a very active dog and is used to moving freely and not being on a leash. Despite the treatment, nothing really seemed to be making much difference to how comfortable Kvick was.

Eventually someone recommended I try NEO-K9 and we decided to give it a go. after just a few weeks of taking NEO-K9 we saw a noticeable improvement in Kvick's limping and he was starting to move normally again. 

How long has Kvick taken NEO-K9?

At first Kvick took NEO-K9 for half a year after which his limping had stopped almost completely. So we decided to stop giving him the supplement. But after just a few weeks without his daily NEO-K9 Kvick started limping again so we re-started the treatment. Now Kvick's been taking NEO-K9 for just over one year and he's very happy.

It was clear that it was NEO-K9 that helped Kvick's limping. Just a few weeks after starting taking it daily again he was like himself again and the limp in his right back leg disappeared. 

How's your experience with NEO-K9 been?

I give Kvick NEO-K9 every day according to the instructions on the packed and he takes it with his food. It's easy to give him NEO-K9 and it seems like Kvick likes it. 

I'm personally really surprised by how well NEO-K9 has worked for Kvick. From the start it wasn't obvious that it was going to work but I was convinced quite quickly. It's easy to be apprehensive when giving your dog a new product or supplement, so it feels reassuring that it's based on a supplement that people can take too. It's also nice to know that it's a natural product that won't have any side effects. 

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