Meet Chevy

If you have a working dog you’ll know how important it is to keep them happy, health and ready for the work-day ahead. And you’ll be all too aware of what the impact can be on your work if they suffer an injury. NEO-K9 is an idea supplement to help support any working dog whose bodies perform day after day.

Chevy and his owner Jessie are based in Australia and Jessie reached out to our friends at Boneo Canine after researching online to find a bone and joint supplement that would help keep working dog Chevy in top form.

NEO-K9 was first launched as Boneo Canine in the US in 2014 and it’s still sold their today. The international brand name for Boneo Canine is NEO-K9, it is the same product but it is manufactured in Europe, which means that it doesn’t have to travel quite so far to reach most of our customers. Chevy and Jessie in Australia might be an exception! 

Chevy started taking NEO-K9 Maintenance Formula in 2016 and by the end of May  2016 Jessie was delighted enough to write to us: 

Hi Donna,
Chevy has been doing so well on Neo-k9 He's not sore on his leg after working at all which is fantastic!
Thanks so much, here is a photo of him with the product.
Will be in touch to order another bottle soon
Regards, Jessie
Australia, Tri Border Collie "Chevy"

Thanks Chevy and Jessie!

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Love and tail wags from the NEO-K9 team

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