DogFest 2017 - Knebworth!

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WOW, what a wonderful weekend, we are quite literally all-pooched out!  We had so many soggy kisses and furry cuddles from dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, weights, colours and breeds.  We had an absolutely fabulous time and we hope that you and your 4-legged friends did too!  
The weather was beautiful all weekend with lots of sunny spells and a reprieve of cool breeze and clouds every so often.  We hope you and your dogs managed to stay cool - we saw lots of cool mats, doggie hats and dog cool coats and we know lots of you had fun in the Splash Pools on site!  There were fabulous displays from The Dog and Duck Show, working Leonbergers Carting demonstrations, amazing dog agility displays and flyball demo’s and some very impressive jumps of fire with the Conquest K9 display over at the agility ring.  There was plenty going on at the School for Dogs with the East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Display, freestyle dog dancing performances, training in action and puppy school master classes. There was so much more to do on-site including the Great Dog Walk in the beautiful grounds of Knebworth House with Chris Packham and talks from Noel Fitzpatrick on the main stage.  
We had a great weekend speaking to all the visitors about the importance of looking after your dogs bone and joint health from puppy-hood onwards and meeting all the wonderful pooches.  Marmite is now resting after the excitement. 
It was lovely to meet you all, from Donna, Rosemary & Marmite the Boxer

Boxer Dog Marmite exhausted after a day of excitement at DogFest 2017

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